10 Signs You Need To Replace Your Roof Featured

10 Signs You Need a New Roof

You usually don’t think about your roof until there is a problem. And, what’s more, this issue usually occurs at the worst time. But, a savvy homeowner can look for these 10 signs you need a new roof. That way, you will be prepared for whatever conditions the seasons bring your way.

1. Cupping or Clawing Shingles
You may notice issues with individual shingles. Are they curling at the edges? We refer to that as clawing. Cupping occurs when the edges of the shingle curl upward. Both are indicators of potential leaks and moisture seepage, which could be causing significant damage to your entire roof.

2. Missing shingles or Repetitive patching
There is nothing wrong with having to replace a shingle or two here and there. But, if you notice more and more missing shingle or if you are replacing multiple shingles every season, there could be a bigger problem. Additionally, your roof will start to look like a patchwork quilt.

3. Shingle Granules in Gutters
Granules serve to protect the shingle asfalt from the sun. Once exposed the shingles will start to bake and deteriorate rather quickly. Thus, substantially affecting the overall quality of your roof.

4. Plant Life
Usually, algae or moss on your roof may be no reason to panic. It can occur if your house is in a shady, moist area. But how you take care of it could create an issue. Be careful not to powerwash or scrape away at the plant life. You may be causing more damage, therefore rendering your shingle useless.

5. Sunlight Shining in Attic
Take a moment to head up into your attic or crawl space on a bright sunny day, no matter the season. If you see the sun shining in, then so can water, snow or cold. Further, if you notice the space change shape or get bigger it means you have an active leak.

6. Sagging Roof
A roof that sags is cause for real concern. This is indicative of a structural issue. If you notice your roof sagging, it is time to call in the professionals for an inspection.

7. Crumbly Roof Valleys
The valleys of your roof are one of the most vital areas. Melting snow and rain flow down these into your gutters. Over time, these areas naturally may wear quicker and crumble. If the valleys become compromised, your roof could be susceptible to major leaks.

8. Spongy roof
A spongy feel while walking on your roof, may be an issue with the underlying decking. It could be due to excess moisture from leaks. This is a good time to head into the attic and check for sunlight, as we mentioned above. Don’t see any sunlight? Check the insulation for moisture.

9. Broken Seal Around Flashings
It is important that any flashings on your roof have a proper seal. Inspect the flashing around chimneys, skylight, and vents. Look for a water tight seal, and check the metal flashing to make sure it is intact.

10. General Age of Roof
Lastly, how old is your existing asphalt shingle roof? We recommend that a typical roof lasts about 15 years. Is yours around 15 years old? It is probably time for a professional evaluation. Contact an expert today to get up there and provide a full inspection.

The Roof Guy wants to help you protect your most valuable asset, your home. Making sure your roof is in top shape is our priority. Do you see any of these signs you need a new roof? Or, are you not sure about the conditions? Have a question about what you see? Contact us today for a free roof evaluation.