Roof Leaks and Storm Damage

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The almighty Mother Nature has her days.  In some instances your home might be the victim of her wrath.  Maryland often gets a few serious storms per year.  Many trees are downed and heavy branches fall.  Big or small, the Roof Guy can fix them all.  If a large tree has fallen on your home or a smaller branch has pierced your roof please call the Roof Guy, Gary Lidard to assist.

Gary, and his customers understand emergencies, and when families are in need extra help to keep things moving.  Raised to lend a hand, you won’t ever find The Roof Guy twisting your arm when your family is in a pinch.


Many of our customers ask why our pricing is cheaper than most roofing companies. The simple answer is that we do not use door to door lead generators, nor do we use high pressure sales tactics. Our Company provides full service roof repairs and replacements. Our focus is on Quality. Attention to detail and professionalism is our specialty. We understand that this costly, sometimes unexpected burden can be a strain emotionally and financially. Now more than ever it is important to partner with a company you can rely on.

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