As we begin 2024, it’s traditional to make some new year’s resolutions to help you do something better in the year ahead.

Homeowners often include a resolution (or two) related to home improvement projects, home repairs, or upgrades – and there’s no part of your home more important to take good care of in 2024 than your roof!

Here are seven roof-related New Year’s resolutions to consider making as you start the New Year.

1. Make a Promise to Have Your Roof Inspected Every Year

The number one resolution you can make for 2024 that is going to help your roof is simply to schedule an annual professional roof inspection. In reality, you should have your roofing looked at by the experts every single year to make sure it’s still in good condition and there are no hidden issues. The Roof Guy of Annapolis is ready to help.

When you fail to keep tabs on your roof, you risk being surprised by a major roof repair need or (ultimately) by roof replacement. It’s better to be ready ahead of time.

2. Have a Roof Repair Response Plan

Another resolution to make concerning your roof is simply to have what we’ll call a roof repair response plan. For example, have The Roof Guy of Annapolis’   phone number ready.  You KNOW you can trust Gary! And having a plan for eventual re-roofing should be a part of your plan.

3. Resolve to Tackle Roof Issues Promptly

The worst thing you can do when you have an issue is to delay. It’s just giving the problem a chance to grow worse and water the opportunity to do more extensive damage to your home.

Both your home’s functionality and its curb appeal will suffer significantly if roof issues are not handled quickly.

4. Find Ways to Save on Energy in 2024

One thing we can predict with relative certainty – the price of energy is ikely to go up each year. They almost always do. Increasing your home’s energy efficiency level, therefore, is a new year’s resolution we should all make and keep! 

Did you know that roof replacement with more energy-efficient shingles can save you on your energy bill? Adding roof vents and fans, attic insulation, and a barrier on your attic ceiling can also help.

5. Clean Out Those Gutters!

The truth is that most people tend to neglect to clean out their gutters and downspouts regularly.

And this can create back-ups that then lead to fascia boards rotting out, water getting inside your home, and water pouring over the gutter and eating away at your home’s foundation. Even a simple resolution to keep your gutters clean can have a great affect on your roof!

6. Cut Back Any Overhanging Tree Branches

With winter storms in Maryland, we have seen that strong winds can cause tree branches hanging over your roof to sweep over roofing shingles and scrape them up pretty badly. The wind can also break branches off and send them flying into your roof structure.

The best policy is to trim trees back ahead of time. And you should have any dead trees or branches completely removed.

7. Get a New Roof For the New Year!

If your roofing is starting to show its age, deteriorate, leak periodically even after roof repairs, or is just outdated or past its warranty – it may be time to resolve to invest in a new roof for the New Year. Why not start 2024 off right by removing the old, worn shingles and re-roofing your home!

To learn more about what you can do to improve roof maintenance and care going into the New Year, contact The Roof Guy in Annapolis – 410.570.4956 or visit