How Hurricanes Impact Your Roof

With nearly three months to go until hurricane season officially winds down, AccuWeather forecasters have updated their outlook for the remainder of the season.

AccuWeather meteorologists issued an update to the seasonal forecast, predicting what they expect to take place over the nearly three months remaining until hurricane season officially winds down on Nov. 30. They are forecasting a total of 12 to 16 named tropical systems in the Atlantic hurricane basin, including five to seven hurricanes, two or three of which may strengthen into major hurricanes (Category 3 strength with winds of 111 mph or higher) and three or four direct impacts to the United States.

It’s important for homeowners to understand how hurricanes and bad weather impact your roof. Your roof has a big job to do protecting your home. It’s the first line of defense against the elements, so it’s important to protect your roof from storm damage.

High Winds Affect Your Roof

Hurricanes are classified as having sustained winds of at least 74 miles per hour. Anything weaker is classified as a tropical storm. Wind gusts during even a category one hurricane could, at times, reach 150 miles per hour or more.

These strong winds can directly impact your roof by ripping off shingles and even the roof deck. Gutters can be pulled from the side of your roof, causing further damage to nearby areas.

High winds can also indirectly affect your roof. Tree limbs, flying objects, and smaller debris can land on your roof. The impact from these foreign objects can cause shingles to fall away, or even create holes through your roof.

Heavy Rains Affect Your Roof
Heavy rain can cause excessive wear and tear on your roof. It can loosen shingles and quickly “age” a roof, so it needs replacement sooner than would otherwise be necessary.

The real problem with heavy rain during hurricanes is when the roof has already sustained damage. When an already damaged roof is exposed to heavy rains, the roofing structure can suffer severe water damage. Water can also damage your attic once areas have been exposed to the elements. Once water leaks into your attic, it can cause water damage throughout your home.

Hail Affects Your Roof

Hail doesn’t occur with all hurricanes, but the risk of it does exist. The problem with hail is that there isn’t much you can do to prevent it from damaging your roof.

Once hail has created holes in your roof, the only thing you can do is repair or replace it. If hail is small and infrequent, it may only loosen shingles or chip away at the outer layers of your roofing structure.

The Roof Guy of Annapolis is here to help!

There are some preventative steps you can take to help reduce roof damage from hurricanes. Always keep your eye out for loose or missing shingles. If you have an older roof, it’s also a good idea to have a roof inspection before hurricane season to make sure your home is protected, and your roof is secure.

It’s also wise to have large trees in your yard trimmed prior to hurricane season to reduce your risk of roof damage from a fallen tree or limb.

Schedule a free roof evaluation to make sure your roof is sealed, free of damage, and secure. Catching problem areas before bad weather strikes will save you money in the longer run. When severe weather does strike your home, count on The Roof Guy of Annapolis for quality roof replacements.