There are a lot of myths about replacing your roofing during the winter – and they are just not true…. Continue reading as The Roof Guy dispels some of these myths.

  1. You can’t replace a roof in the winter.

Because it’s winter you might think we closed up shop and head somewhere warm and tropical. FALSE – we continue to replace roofs throughout the winter. If we have to push snow off of the roof before starting, then we do that. We may have to dress a bit warmer and have a few more safety precautions in place, but we get it done. And it’s the perfect time to get your roof replaced since there is not a huge backlog right now.

  1. Ice damming is not a big deal.

FALSE! Ice dams are a huge deal! They can destroy your roof.  Did you know that ice damns are caused by poor ventilation and inadequate insulation? As the snow builds up on your roof it melts underneath because the roof is usually warm.  The water then flows underneath the snow down to the eaves where it gets cold again and freezes into ice. This process repeats until you have a dangerous, heavy icicle hanging from your gutter.

Over time, this ice can push up your shingles, damages your gutters and destroy your roof.

  1. No need to inspect my roof until spring.

FALSE! Winter is a great time to get up in the attic (it’s not too hot) and look around for issues. Keep an eye out for condensation on the underside of the roof deck. Warm, moist air from inside your home can condense on the cold roof boards in the attic and cause mildew and mold if you don’t have a good vapor barrier. Looking at your roof and chimney from the outside is also a great idea in the winter. If you look for areas where snow build up is lower than other areas, that’s a place where heat is getting through and maybe a sign of missing insulation in the attic.

  1. Leaks don’t happen in the winter.

FALSE!  You might think that because the precipitation is usually frozen in the winter, that the chances of leaks is much lower. Just because it’s sitting on your roof as snow, doesn’t mean it’s not melting and traveling down through your roof beams and onto your drywall. Snow buildup can actually lead to more frequent roof leaks than when there is a driving rain in the spring & summer. Roofs are designed to resist flowing water, but they have more trouble with water freezing, melting and refreezing again. It can pull shingles apart and cause issues that rain never could.

The Roof Guy wants you to stay vigilant and keep an eye on your roof, even in the winter when you tend to ignore it. Be sure to give The Roof Guy a call, if you are having any of these issues with your roof. Call today for your free contact-less roof replacement estimate = 410.570.4956 or visit us online at