Now that summer is in full swing, we get to enjoy the summer fun, but it also means we have to welcome in summer storms, which isn’t fun for your roof. From missing shingles to causing gutter damage, storms can wreak havoc on your roof. It’s important to know when its time for a roof replacement. Here are ways summer storms can damage your roof, so you can be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your roof’s way during the summer months. No matter the season, keeping the integrity of your roof should be a priority, after all it protects your most valuable investment – your home!

Summer sunlight and heat can have a harmful effect on your roof 

At the Roof Guy we understand that your roof maintenance isn’t always a top priority during the summer months. There are no leaves falling into gutters, no ice and snow damage, or heavy winter storms. However, roofs still require upkeep and observation during the summer season as well, especially once the temperature heats up.

Some of the top elements in roof damage during summer include issues from UV light, high temperatures, and high humidity.  This hot portion of the year can take a heavy toll on your roofing structure and materials. It’s important to know what to look for so that you can prevent problems down the road.

Strong Winds Can Create Serious Roof Damage

Even if there’s not heavy rain during a summer storm, the fast wind that comes with them can cause severe damage to your roof. Not only can wind take shingles off of your roof, but they can also take off underlayment and adhesive materials. Have you noticed 

missing shingles or other roof damage after a storm, these issues can lead to leaks and possibly damage the inside of your home. To keep your roof and home in a healthy condition, it’s important to inspect your roof. 

Summer Hail Storms Can Beat Up Your Shingles 

If you’ve ever been outside or in your car during a hail storm, you know how hard those ice chunks can come down—now imagine your roof getting pelted with those ice chunks! During a hail storm, the impact of the hail can create indentations on your shingles, which can eventually cause them to crack. When this happens, your roof becomes prone to water leaks and may cause interior water damage. Additionally, hail storms can also cause downspout and gutter damage, making your roof’s water drainage system less effective.

Debris Can Fall Onto Your Roof 

Just like the weather of summer, storms are very unpredictable—some are mild, some are intense and some can bring down branches, trees, power lines, lampposts and other debris. And during some storms, these types of debris can be brought down right on top of your roof. As unfortunate as this situation is, hiring an exceptional roofing team who uses quality roofing products from GAF will ensure your roof replacement is quick, easy and turns out beautifully.

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