Three Ways the Summer Causes Roof Damage

To safeguard your home’s number one protective shield, homeowners should understand that roof maintenance is an all year task. However, in the summer, your roof may require a little extra attention. When you consider blazing hot sunny days combined with sudden fierce storms, this season is not the kindest on your roof. What’s more, minor damage often goes undetected and creates problems during the next wave of storms, which leads to severe issues as seasons change. Here are some of the most common ways the summer causes roof damage. 

Rotted Roof Decking 

Your roof decking is the base of your roof. Most decking is made of plywood and sits on the top of the outer shell of your attic. If there is damage here, you may also have damage to other parts of your roof, or even your walls, too. It is the foundation of your roof and serves to support the weight of your shingles. Being that the decking is made of wood, it is susceptible to water damage. Leaks due to broken shingles or a torn underlayment are one source of the issue. Improper ventilation may even create problems from within your home. Consider that when your roof is not adequately ventilated, it can cause the attic to overheat. As the warm, moist air builds up and creates condensation leading to wood rot inside the attic, which spreads up to the roof decking. A warped roof decking can appear a sunken roof.

Moss and Mold Growth

Water is the worst enemy of your roof. It is the leading cause of most damage. As we stated earlier moisture could build from the inside of your attic, or collect after summer storms. When it accumulates in your attic or between the layers of your roof, it causes mold and moss to grow. If left unchecked the moss can invade your roof, creating a thick green carpet over the top of your house. Not only is the moss aesthetically unpleasant it can lead to more damage over time. As the moss grows and spreads, it sucks up all the moisture it can find. Therefore the moss creates concentrated areas of moisture along your roof that will seep water into your roof decking. The excess water can create unhealthy mold growth within your home. 

Cracked or Warped Shingles

Sure, water is the most common cause of roof damage. However, the sun can cause as much damage as rain. When the sun beats down on your roof, it can get up to 65 percent warmer in your attic than the temperature outside. Consider that if it 100 degrees your roof temp could reach up to 170 degrees or more. This extreme heat may cause severe damage to your shingles. While your shingles are made to be durable, when exposed to several days of intense sun, they can curl up and dry out and become brittle. This causes cracks making your shingles more susceptible to damage during the next storm. 

Contact the Professionals

These are the most common ways summer causes roof damage. Be on the lookout for the signs of these issues. Should you notice any of these problems, you need a professional immediately. Contact the Roof Guy for a free evaluation. We can make sure your home is protected all year long, no matter what the elements throw at it.