Before Winter Hits

As a dedicated roofing contractor in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County, we
love helping our customers replace their old roof with a new and improved roof.
We pride ourselves on being able to help the local communities like Heritage
Harbor, Annapolis Cove, Hillsmere, Arnold and Severna Park. With the weather
still fairly mild there’s still time to replace your roof.

As homeowners, it is important to consider this CHECKLIST to prepare your roof
for the coming winter. We know you will be Thankful you did.

Check Your Gutters

Make a point to check your gutters or have a professional take a look if climbing
a ladder is a concern. The main purpose of the gutter system is to collect water
and move it away from the home. Make sure there is no debris blocking the flow
of water in the gutters themselves as well as the downspouts. This can save you
a lot of issues in the winter when the freezing rain and snow comes. The primary
concern here is water getting into the interior of your home from a leaky roof.

Inspect the Shingles

If possible, do a visual inspection of the shingles from the ground. If you need to
get on the roof to inspect, we recommend calling Gary at The Roof Guy of

Annapolis. Gary will inspect the shingles looking for any curled, cracked, and
missing shingles. These will need to be addressed before the winter weather
arrives. Damaged shingles may allow water to penetrate the roof, jeopardizing
the interior of your home.

Inspect the Flashing

The flashing system is designed to add extra protection when two roofing
surfaces meet. For example, you may see flashing where a chimney stack exits
the roof. These areas are vulnerable as they expand and contract as a result of
inclement weather. If possible, do a visual inspection from the ground to see if
there is any apparent damage. If you need to climb the roof, call Gary at The
Roof Guy of Annapolis.

Inspect the Vents

Vents are required by code for certain plumbing and other home fixtures. They
are usually standard PVC piping. The vents are waterproofed with rubber casing.
These can become brittle over time due to the intense heat and UV exposure.
This is common are that should be inspected as soon as possible.

Inspect the Attic Space

The attic is often the first place you will be able to see any leaking or other
problems. That’s the best place to start. If you see any water stains, ice crystals,
or excessive moisture, address these issues immediately. There’s a good chance
that there may be a leak in your roofing system.

The Roof Guy of Annapolis offers quality roofing craftsmanship, with over 15
years serving the Annapolis and surrounding Anne Arundel County area. Prepare
now for the coming winter weather. Call Gary – The Roof Guy of Annapolis today