leaky skylights causing roof damage

Leaky Skylights Causing Roof Damage? We Can Help!

Skylights are a favorite architectural design element for sure. They provide beautiful natural lighting and are popular in just about any room in the home. However, ask any roofer, and he can tell you countless stories about leaky skylights causing roof damage. The worst part? Many times the water damage accumulates for years undetected until you have a significant issue at hand. We have some tips aimed at helping you discover any leaks before they become a problem.

Furthermore, let us also offer assurances that we can address any trouble, no matter the severity. Check out the following advice. It is necessary reading for anyone who has skylights in their home!

How do I know if my skylight is leaking?

  • First, if your skylight opens, make sure that it completely closes and seals each time. We know this sounds obvious, but we have had many issues caused by user error.
  • Second, if you notice excessive condensation on your skylight, don’t panic just yet. I could be caused due to extreme temperature differences inside and out. Or, condensation could form if the window is single pane and not insulated glass. Further, if the skylight is in a bathroom or kitchen the moisture in those environments could be the culprit.
  • Next, look for any signs of water damage in the ceiling. It would appear as a brownish stain anywhere on the surface around your skylight.
  • Lastly, if you see black dots or specs on your ceiling, contact a professional right away. This could indicate mold growth, which in some cases is dangerous to your health.

What work will the roof repair technician perform on my leaky skylights?

  • First, the technician will perform a thorough inspection of your entire roof. Even if you notice water damage on your ceiling, the skylights may not be the source.
  • Second, he will examine the entire area around the exterior of the skylight. Excessive leaves or debris could cause water pooling, which is a challenge for even the tightest of seals. Additionally, while the skylight may be intact, the water could be seeping under faulty singles, thus the source of the leak.
  • Next, all gutters need to be checked out for blockages, for the same reason as the issue mentioned above.
  • Lastly, after we remove all debris, all of the roof flashings need careful inspection.

What happens if the technician discovers an issue?

  • First, if the leak is in the skylight glass, it could be resealed, or replaced entirely.
  • Second, if the flashings are the reason, those along with surrounding shingles need replacing. Your technician may also apply roof flashing cement for added insurance.
  • Next, the technician may use 100 percent silicone caulking to seal any leaks around the skylight lens.
  • Lastly, is your roofing contractor only addresses outside issues, you may hire a maintenance specialist to handle any ceiling damage in your home.

How can I prevent leaky skylights?

  • First, schedule annual roof maintenance. It is your best defense against any leaks from a faulty roof or skylight.
  • Second, in between maintenance appointments perform visual inspections both inside and outside the house.
  • Next, should you notice anything strange, don’t wait! Schedule your free inspection immediately.
  • Lastly, we cannot emphasize annual maintenance. Consider it like your yearly doctor check-ups. It is a must and it ensures your roof will last for years to come.

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